This symposium has been designed to bring together leading practitioners in a performance-focused context in order to present, argue for and celebrate the increasing number of approaches to staging the work of another. The dance field is familiar with the ‘re-‘ preposition and the variety of contexts this offers – re-staging, recreation, reconstruction, re-envisioning, etc. This symposium is an attempt to add a further layer to the wider debate and to offer propositions, as seen through the variant directorial approaches taken to the choreographic works of Martha Graham, Doris Humphrey, Anna Sokolow, Mark Franko and Robert Cohan. Solo and duet works by these renowned choreographers are the vehicles through which directors explore the transmission processes involved in staging the work of another.

Programme Schedule 

Live and filmed performances with contextual papers


10.00 – 10.30

 Session One

Two Ecstatic Themes (1931) choreographed by Doris Humphrey

Staged by Lesley Main from Ernestine Stodelle’s 1972 recreation for Carla Maxwell of the Jose Limon Dance Company

Performed by Louise Kelsey

Imperial Gesture (1935) choreographed by Martha Graham

Staged and performed by Kim Jones, former soloist with the Martha Graham Dance Company

 Session Two


Kaddish for Ten Women (2012) re-imagined by Deborah Zall from the solo Kaddish (1945) choreographed by Anna Sokolow.

Forest (1977) choreographed by Robert Cohan, staged by Anne Donnelly

Live performance

Lingua Franca (2014) choreographed by Robert Cohan from his own work Agora (1984) for Yorke Dance Project

Performed by dancers from Yorke Dance Project


 Session Three

Live performance

Le Marbre Tremble (1982) choreographed by Mark Franko

Staged by Mark Franko with Fabian Barba


Round Table/Audience discussion

Robert Cohan, Anne Donnelly, Mark Franko, Fabian Barba, Kim Jones, Lesley Main, Yolanda Yorke-Edgell

Chair: Professor Vida Midgelow

The symposium is hosted by the Performing Arts department in the School of Media and Performing Arts:

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